Welcome to Tourneys for all. Everything I have learned over the years comes from a wonderful site called Krissy's New Bees. Recently Krissy passed away and has left that learning group to me. I get lots of questions on how to do HTML but I always tell them this "if you don't know how to create the images then you can't do HTML". With that said if your interested in making wonderful tourney pages then come join me at Krissy's New Bees were myself and wonderful instructors will teach you everything you need to know about PSP (Paint Shop Pro). If you don't have the program then talk to us Jasc offers a trial version on it and you may learn to just love it. After you get through PSP I'll teach you HTML. Remember you have to crawl before you can walk so PSP is a must to learn first. If your ready for a new adventure then click the link below and come join us.

Click on the Bee to join us. Your journey of PSP and HTML awaits you.

If your looking for copyright free graphics then come visit me at CACPoserdesigns. I make all the posers within that web site and offer them up to all members. Come and check me out.